Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pantone perfection...

Those in the design industry will be familiar with the Pantone chart, a universal language enabling designer, manufacturer, retailer and customer to match, identify, and communicate about colour.

Now we can all join the Pantone revolution with a fabulous range of homewares and gifts available in stunning pantone colours in store.
These sleek sterling silver cufflinks have a hint of eye-popping colour that is sure to add the finishing touches to any suit. A fabulous gift for guys. Available in apple green, aqua and cobalt blue, $99.95.
What's not to love about these coffee mugs? Bright, pick-me-up colours - Check! Large size for those difficult winter morning wakeups - Check! Can double as cute home or office decoration - Check! Available in pink, pale blue, pale green, apple green, peppermint green, orange, and more... $24.95.
Caffeine connoisseurs will be wrapped with the Pantone espresso cups. Available in pale blue and green, these mini-marvels are perfect for a shot of espresso or a babycino for bubba. $14.95 each.