Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No more vulnerable vino..

After a long day at work sometimes all you feel like is a glass of wine. How many times have you opened a bottle of your favourite vino before realising you were not going to finish the whole bottle?

Enter winesave.

winesave allows you to enjoy your sneaky glass or two of wine and then pop it away for several weeks after it has first been opened. Containing a pure, inert and odourless gas called argon (which is heavier than air), winesave is applied with a simply one-second spray and pushes the air up and out of the bottle preventing the oxidisation of the wine.

This is a purely natural method to preserve wine that has been tried, tested and approved by some of the industry's most notable international winemakers, and with no propellants, hydrocarbons or additives used.. what's there to lose?

winesave is available in store now!

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