Monday, May 16, 2011

The Perfect Investment....

As the weather is growing colder and colder, at OOP we're trying to find anything that will make us that little bit warmer!! So like our friends Rosie Whitely, Mary Kate Olsen and stylist Rachel Zoe, we've fallen in love with fur vests!!

Dark Grey Rabbit fur vest with woollen back $295.00

Gorgeous Mongolian Wool Scarf/Wrap $275.00

Gorgeous grey rabbit fur vest $350.00

Taupe Rabbit fur vest with woollen back $295.00

Woollen Back

Stunning Mongolian Wool Shrug/Collar $275.00

So don't miss out on these gorgeous, warm pieces that are the perfect inVESTment for Winter (excuse the pun!)!

Limited stocks available, please call 8362 8822 to order your correct size!

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