Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food or Art?

We were all amazed (to say the least!!) last night as Ahyan from Celcius Restauarant in Gouger Street demonstrated his remarkable skills at the 8th Outdoors on Parade cooking class for the year. Not only did he and his assistant, Ermmis, cook with the freshest produce in Adelaide, but demonstrated things we never thought were never possible in a kitchen!

The most delicious raw Kingfish, served with finger limes, radish, parsley, kohlrabi and freshly picked violas!!

Yoghurt sorbet being frozen with Liquid Nitrogen!!

Now we all can't wait to get into Celcius for ourselves, and poss
ibly get our hands on some Liquid Nitrogen to make our own sorbet!! (Or possibly just to have some mystical fun in the kitchen!)

Check out the rest of our cooking cla
sses for the year here.

Rob Paglia of La Dolce Vita Catering - Wednesday 21st September 6.30pm

Somchit Siow of Star of Siam - Monday 15th of August 6.30pm

Tobias Gush of Chianti Classico - Thursday 29th of September 6.30pm