Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wish I was weatherproof!

So the weather seems to be getting more and more dreary, and all I want to do is sit inside under a nice big rug by the heater... And although we wish we miraculously become weatherproof, it just doesn't seem to happen. However, at OOP we have lots of beautiful things that can bring us closer to becoming weatherproof!
The gorgeous teak table (pictured above) is extendable from 1.8m to 2.4m, has refectory style legs so you can fit all your friends around it, and yes it's weatherproof!!
They were $1950.00 but until this saturday (or until stocks run out) they are only $1250.00!!

Other things that will bring us closer to being weatherproof....

Rubber Backed Woolen Picnic Rug $149.95

Waterproof (to 3 metres!!) watch available in all colours of the rainbow $49.95

Ella Sanders Woolen Scarf to keep you toasty warm $99.95Mohair Rugs $179.95 for when you go to the footy or
for when you do get to stay inside!!

Teak Bench from $595.00 and Weatherproof Bench Cushions from $595.00!

In addition to these lovely items, our sale is on until this Saturday so don't miss out on lots of gorgeous items!!!!

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