Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One class down, 20 more to go!

Cooking class number 1....

Andy Davies PRESS
Our cooking class season started with a fantastic bang! We had a brilliant night with Andy Davies and the boys from Press. For those who have never been to, or heard of Press, listen up... 
Press is an inner city restaurant with amazing food and an ├╝ber cool vibe. 
The Press philosophy is simple - 

We simply want to bring the best products from our patch of the 
earth to the table and have fun doing it.
We look at cooking as a skilled craft not as art. 
We're a bit 'in-house' when it comes to curing, pickling, baking, brining, 
smoking ... And, we've got loads of passion and a good dose of ethics   

This philosophy was reflected in the cooking class and
Andy's food throughout the entire night was absolutely superb. 

Here is an insight to what we experienced at the cooking class. 
Try these recipes for yourself and experience the Press style of food.

Annatto rubbed spatchcock with scorched corn salad. 
(Top left image)

2 x Spatchcock halved and seasoned lightly

Make the Annatto marinade with -
80 g of the Mexican Annatto seed paste
Orange juice
Garlic salt and pepper
Allow to marinate for at least 6 hrs, preferably overnight.

Cook spatchcocks on grill or BBQ until golden brown /orange colour.

3 corn cobs, husks removed and cooked lightly in water.
Then scorch them over a wood grill or BBQ until there are some good scorch marks across them.
Serve with the spatchcock. 

Ras el hanout lamb rump with roasted eggplant.
(bottom right image)
4 small lamb rumps trimmed as marinated in the below 5 ingredients
2 tbsp" herbies" ras el hanout - it is the best by far
Olive oil
Salt and peppers

3 eggplants sliced, then oven baked until sweet.

Yoghurt dressing :
300g of plain yoghurt
Salt and pepper

Serve lamb with eggplant and drizzle the yoghurt dressing across the top.

Head to our website for our list of other brilliant cooking classes. 
Andy will be back for his second class on the 12th of August. It is filling up fast so be quick to book to cook!

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