Friday, December 4, 2009

Xmas Day Seafood Feast

Dreaming of a long lunch on Christmas Day with loads of fresh South Australian seafood. Why not try this delectable dish from Peter Clarke of the acclaimed Vintners in the Barossa Valley.

SA Snapper & Prawns with Beetroot Ginger Butter

Serves 6

6 x 150g pieces snapper fillet
18 shelled prawn tails
1 dessert spoon salmon roe
1 clove garlic 100ml vegetable oil
100ml reduced fish stock
1 knob ginger cut in julienne
1 tblspoon fine diced raw beetroot
100ml stones green ginger wine
Juice of 1-2 limes
180g butter diced in small cubes
Salt & white pepper Baby coriander - garnish

Sauce: Place the ginger and Stones green ginger wine in a pan & reduce by half, add reduced fish stock, bring to boil & remove from heat, squeeze in ½ the lime juice.

While still hot add the beetroot then slowly add 150g of butter stirring constantly until the butter is taken up by the sauce, set aside in a warm spot.
Dust the snapper in flour & pan fry with ½ the remaining butter & veg oil till just cooked through, season, in another pan sauté the prawns with the garlic and remaining butter till just cooked.

Place the sauce on the plate, then snapper with the prawns on top, garnish with baby coriander.

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