Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kickstart your 2010 New Year's Resolutions

After waving goodbye to a very busy 2009, the girls at Outdoors on Parade welcomed 2010 with an assortment of New Years Resolutions.. and we have an inkling that many of you may be attempting similar feats.

It's no secret that most resolutions don't make it past February, however we are determined that our 2010 goals will see us through to next year. Many of you may be sharing similar achievable goals, and we found some fabulous bits and pieces in store that will help to kickstart your new year and sticking out your different New Year's committments.

1. Spend more time with friends and family!
Spending time with your loved ones can be as simple as playing a fun board game (Baulderdash $65.00 or Articulate $49.95), or enjoying a sunny afternoon together with a BBQ and a game of outdoor cricket (Notebook grill $69.95; Beach Cricket $49.95).

2. Get fit and fabulous!
When it comes to getting fit, every little bit counts! Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can make your goal of getting fit or losing weight more achievable. Why not get a group together and play a game of beach soccer (Sunny soccer ball $29.95)? Or tune into your favourite radio station and start regular walks (water-resistant digital FM walkman $32.95)? Doing laps at your local pool is also a great way to get fit during summer (luxurious beach towels from $59.95)!

3. Improve my cooking skills
For many people, New Year's resolutions incorporate learning or improving a skill. Cooking is often a skill that many people wish to improve on and can need a little boost and some new 'tools' to get the wheels turning. Inspire yourself with some new recipes from some real kitchen whizzes (The Cook's Companion, by Stephanie Alexander $130; Fabulous Food: Minus the Boombah, by Jane Kennedy $39.95)! Treat yourself to some new 'hardware' that will see you whipping up devilish desserts and mouthwatering feasts in your sleep (Pizza Maker $169.95; KitchenAid mixer $649; Bamix Basic $159)!

While New Years resolutions can be lost in the upcoming stresses of work and other committments, these goodies will certinaly help you to get closer in achieving your goals. We're off for a game of beach cricket, but we hope to see you all instore soon. Happy New Year, the girls at Outdoors on Parade!

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