Thursday, March 10, 2011

Falling in Love Again...

I’ve been a little excited this morning because my good friend from has posted a blog about Outdoors on Parade! They specialise in writing blogs about shopping, and about many lovely things ranging from fashion to home wares! We were very kindly invited to write a ‘Guest Blog’ for them which was very exciting for us! So as I wrote about 'falling in love again' (with your hom
e) I now invite you all to fall in love with Fall in love with all of their blogs and great items on sale at!

Take a look at ‘Falling in Love again’ here.


  1. Great news - i will go a have a read! What i really want to know is what's happening in chicago! ps will blog aobut OOP next week..........KG x

  2. Great! We didn't win unfortunately, but I think we received 'high honours', but we will find out for sure when the girls get back!! Oh wow! Maybe we can do the same!