Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giddy Up!!

Easter seems to be creeping up closer by the minute!! Okay so it's still about 2 months away, but when you're looking forward to it there's no reason not to start the countdown now!! There are so many fun events and things to do over the long weekend, but such events need preparation!!

Rubber backed Billabong Rug (also available in Green Tartan) $159.95
Polycarbonate Plumm glasses $55.00 for a box of 4

The new Klop game for the race-goer who does not actually enjoy racing (come on admit it!!) $79.95
Laguiole Cheese knives $179.95
Laguiole cheese knife and board $129.95
So don't miss out, come into Outdoors on Parade (or shop online!!), buy the hot cross buns early and leave the stress to someone else at Easter time!!