Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A, E, I.. Oh you!

On a lazy afternoon, it is not unusual to find the Outdoors girls perusing the cards in the newsagency, chortling away at the clever puns and cheeky jokes splashed across the rows and rows of folded cardboard. After all - what's a brilliant gift without a fabulous card to go with it?

So now understanding our obvious obsession with smart and witty cards, it should be no surprise that we were ecstatic with our latest cards that arrived this morning...

Lost Consonants, a series by Graham Rawle that appeared in the Weekend Guardian for 15 years, is a collection of fabulous illustrations accompanied by a sentence from which one consonant has been removed to dramatically alter its meaning (and not without hilarious consequences).

Having now been developed into a collection of greeting cards, it is the perfect excuse to have a giggle in the card section and test your family and friends on their spelling and grammar..