Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Who ever thought drinking out of a crumpled cup could be so stylish? 
As soon as these beauties arrived in store, we immediately fell in love. In addition to our crumpled cups, we now have crumpled vases (Pictured above $119.95 approx 30cm high) as well as other great pieces!! 

 Crushed cups - small $15.95 Large $19.95 
 Italian Ceramic Milk Jug $29.95 
 Ceramic Cannister $37.50
Dinner Plate $39.95

Come in and have a look at our fabulous range!!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Watch This Space

 WATCH OUT!!! New fluro watches just arrived at OOP!! 
These gorgeous watches now come in a fluro range with a new style of face! The new band colours are fluro yellow, pink and green.
The faces also come in a mirrored style, two toned colours, or plain colours! 

 The faces are removable so you can chop and change until your heart is content!
Watches (including face) start at $49.95, and plain bands are $19.95!  

Call 08 8362 8822 for details, or email us at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Club

 We have so many gorgeous books in store at the moment! Ranging from easy to use cookbooks to stunning fashion bibles, we have so much to choose from! 
Books are such a beautiful gift, either to yourself or a friend!
Here are a few we love right now..
 Grandiflora Celebrations is a stunning book with beautiful imagery. It follows internationally renowned florist Saskia Havekes and explores behind the scenes of the glamorous events she decorates. $59.95

 Both installations from Yotam Ottolenghi are a great cookbook to have in the kitchen. Both are so simple to use and have the most delicious recipes in it! 'Plenty', completely vegetarian, caters for everyone! Grab either of these for $55.00

Thai Street Food is a beautiful book combining stunning photography and great recipes, by David Thompson. A great book for the traveller and food enthusiast. $100.00

This absolutely stunning book has everything you need to know about Dior. The beautiful imagery is only the beginning -- from stories of their elegant parties, to tales of how their dresses formed from perfume bottles, this book really has it all! $160.00

Come in and have a browse of our book collection on this rather cool day!
Retail therapy is the best way to warm up!!